Our Mission

How can you help increase local economic growth? We made it simple; by continuously supporting small and family-owned businesses lacking the monetary means to have large scale marketing approaches and large sales channels. We at iIndulge created a platform that boosts local economies in multiple regions by purchasing honey from smaller family-owned apiaries, and keeping it local (as much as possible) by creating sales outlets with high-end and high-volume purchasers. A portion of all sales directly support the ethical treatment of bees and harmless harvesting. Our mission is to carefully source from experienced honey producers that practice ethical and sustainable beekeeping procedures in order to supply 100% pure, raw, unfiltered, and indulgent honey. The niche we established separates us from all honey companies through rigorous methods that branch from our engagement with providing a service of constant economic growth of many local cities, farm lands, and towns to spreading this natural creation into the hands of more local purchasers’, which will capture lifelong consumers’ of our brand. We will continue to create the most uniquely crafted honey infused products on the market. "Once you indulge you can’t go back."