About Us

iIndulge is a mindful and creative experience. A natural and mystifying journey given by the honey-bees of the world and our team to give you the highest quality products. Honey is produced by gathering the nectar's of the most elegant flowers blooming around the globe and then being stored in honeycombs and hives by these fascinating creatures. Depending on the region you can sometimes find single source pollen-specific honey (that means the bees mainly pollinate one source of flowers). We go out of our way to find these for you. We meticulously source from Colorado native and global family-owned beekeeping experts to ensure the caliber of the honey we purchase and bottle is unsurpassed. Pesticide-free, harmless harvesting techniques, pollinator-friendly gardens and crops, raw and unfiltered, and always produced with love you can taste in every drop.

At iIndulge we make it our mission to provide customers with top quality honey sourced from global beekeepers (Montana, Cali, Oregon, Nebraska, etc) as well as our local Colorado source. iIndulge’s honey is always 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered, ensuring maximum nutritional benefits. Our honeys contain bee pollen, propolis, bee particles, and beeswax. iIndulge sources honey locally and globally to give consumers the rare opportunity of tasting honey from different regions of the world and carefully searching for pollen-specific honey. We strive to support only sustainable farms which practice ethical beekeeping. Every jar directly supports global beekeepers dedicated to preserving the life of  bees.

 Alan- Chief Executive Officer / Chief Creative Officer