CBD Honey (Raw Natural CBD Honey) - About our Product - How our CBD Honey is Made

December 22, 2020

CBD Honey  (Raw Natural CBD Honey) - About our Product - How our CBD Honey is Made

CBD Honey is one of the best ways to indulge in your CBD. Taking CBD doesn't have to be the same as taking medicine; in fact, you can enjoy taking CBD as much as a relaxing cup of evening tee or a morning cup of coffee. 


However, both Honey and CBD are not created equal, so a great deal of thought and research goes into creating our CBD Honey.


How We Select Our Honey

Every batch of honey is taste-tested to ensure that it has the required standards to be an iIndulge Honey. Even batches from farms we regularly source are not always jarred and used because they don't meet the criteria. 


Just because honey is unfiltered, raw natural honey doesn't mean it's going to be great honey. Besides, just because one may know the farm honey is coming from doesn't mean it will have the same taste as it did last time. The flavor profile of Raw Natural Honey is dependent on the Bees. This means there is a general inconsistency in honey's flavor profiles; in turn, we strive to make sure that our clover honey always has the same flavor profile. A profile that explodes with flavor on your tongue every time and is what you expect from iIndulge. This is why every batch of honey is taste-tested, and not all make the cut.


How do we infuse our Honey with CBD

First, we do a low heat infusion, only heating the honey to 130 degrees, enough to get the honey flowing smoothly. Then we use a proprietary infusion method to make sure the CBD is fully infused evenly in our products. This allows us to make sure that when we say our jars have 1000mg of CBD in a 5oz jar, they have it. 


The CBD industry doesn't have the regulation you find in other industry's, so we take pride in our CBD honey and finished products' quality level. The amount of CBD in our honey is 3rd party tested to verify that we have correctly infused every batch.


How does our CBD Honey taste so Good.

CBD is known for having a bitter taste and giving a pretty harsh after taste in many products on the market. We use a CBD Isolate to make sure that we impact our Unfiltered Raw Natural Honey's flavor the least possible while still maintaining a large amount of CBD in every Jar.